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"Concept Home Tutorial Pvt. Ltd" Provides Home Tutoring Services for Class I to V |    VI |   VII |   VIII |    IX |    X |    XI  |    XII  |    NEET (U.G)  |    AIIMS  |    JEE (Mains & Advanced)  |    NTSE  |    SAT  |    TOEFL  |    Olympiads  |    Admission Test Preparation for Schools and Colleges  |    NET  |    Spoken English  |    Computer  |    Commerce  |    Management  |    Railway  |    Banking  |    SSC  | UPSC  |    PCS Exams  |    CPT-CA etc in the all corner of the City. For Any More Inquiry, Please Call us: +91 8521415111 | +91 8521451222


A fresh in name and experienced in providing quality education in the field of teaching industry. Concept Home Tutorial's mission is to deliver a premier, purposeful training from fundamentals.

We aim to accomplish our mission by providing the great skills.

Our courses and programmes are tailored by learned professionals of standard institute after dedicated research and development.

A group of trained, renowned and dedicated faculty, most of them have worked with some of the most renowned , IT production houses, e-learning companies, national dailies, & web design firms etc.

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Dear Parents
If you are looking for a well qualified and experienced Home Tutor who can make learning a fun filled process, we'd be glad to help you. We have been successful in satisfying thousands of parents and students who want to bring out their child's maximum potential and get more out of education. Various benefits of home tutoring:- Every learner is different. They might differ in behavior, opinions, understanding skills and learning abilities. The qualities of one student thus cannot be compared with another one. Some students learn quickly while some might need extra attention to bring out the best of their potential. Some students are comfortable with a classroom learning environment while some feel it to be a little restrictive and distracting. For the latter ones, home tutorial comes out to be a great option. Here are the various benefits of home tuitions: Convenience for Learners
  • The primary benefit of home tutoring for learners is Convenience. This is because “the education comes to you”. Apart from the travelling costs and time overhead which students incur while attending tuition classes outside, inconvenience is another key aspect
  • You might see a student travelling between different parts of a city/town attending different tuition for different subjects. This clearly is inconvenient for both the student and his/her family. Thus home tutorial provides flexibility and convenience to the learners and their parents.
The right tutor
  • At school, you don't have a choice about your teachers, but we match the child and the tutor following our first meeting with the child. This means students have a mentor who teaches in the most effective manner for their learning styles.
Much smaller student to teacher ratio
  • Because private tuition takes place in small group or one-to-one, students are able to focus better and are taught in a way that specifically meets their own unique needs.
Lesser distractions
  • Learners face fewer distractions in home environment than in coaching centre, schools/colleges and other public spaces. Tuition at home will definitely bring them more comfort, thereby allowing them to focus better. The one-to-one sessions in home tuition are also less restrictive and less formal than a coaching centre or a school.
Finding the best learning style
  • A lot of students often feel that learning in a classroom is quite ineffective. Due to the restrictions and distractions in a classroom, students often feel that they couldn’t make the most of their time, money and effort. Home tuitions serve as a great help for such students.
  • A Home tuition is one option which can bring them a chance to find out a learning style which works for them. This will help them to develop the confidence and also improve their learning ability.


Dear Tutors
Are you passionate about teaching and have some free time to spare? You have come to the right place. We provide exciting part-time Home Tuition Jobs In your city. We have tons of opportunities for you to brighten someone's life. To be a good tutor, you should have the following qualities: Great tutors are very rare and if a student is lucky enough to have one he/she cherishes and remembers forever. The teachings of a great tutor are like imprints made in the mind of the students and are never wiped off however old they get or go ahead in life. That is the impact of a tutor in a student’s life. An important attribute of a successful tutor is communication. Communication goes hand in hand with teaching as it is the only channel for teaching and learning. It plays a significant role in Home tuitions as the tutor has one –on-one communication with the student. A home tutor has a completely different relationship with the student as compared to the teacher in a classroom in school. A home tutor can make or mar a relationship with the student; hence the parents should be extra careful while selecting the right tutor for home tuitions. Here is a list of ten qualities the excellent home tutors have in common:-

Excellent listener
  • Every tutor should be a good listener but this trait takes a foremost position when it comes to a home tutor, primarily because the one-on-one conversation is comparatively more. Hence a home tutor is expected to be an excellent listener and not just a good listener. They have to listen carefully to what the student is saying and figure out the problems and clear it by making the concepts easy and understandable. A home tutor is different from a teacher in a class room. A teacher in a classroom can follow the same teaching technique for years together but a home tutor has to listen to student and change his teaching style according to the student’s ability and grasping capacity.
Rich in concepts
  • A home tutor is expected to have thorough knowledge of the curriculum which he is expected to teach. Their teaching should meet a certain standard of understanding so that the parents are confident about their child’s education. The tutor is expected to demonstrate the difficult concepts without using technical words or jargons with ease to the student so that it creates interest and enthusiasm in learning further.
Passion for teaching
  • A home tutor should be passionate about teaching and should be interested to work with children. They should influence the student’s life and help them realize their dreams. A passionate tutor has a lot of energy and inspires the students to make their dreams come true.
Ability to Teach
  • Yes, this is another duh, but not everyone who wants to tutor for money has the ability to teach. When it comes to tutoring, the ability to teach is basically the ability to share information in a way that others will learn, grasp the concepts, understand the input…they have to get what you’re saying. If you stutter, speak way above their comprehension level (use big words with a 2nd grader), or cannot completely understand and relay specific information, you should consider another money making idea.
Ability to put people at ease
  • This is an important quality because if people aren’t comfortable around you they aren’t going to be able to learn much from you. If you are able to put people at ease, make them comfortable, get them on friendly yet professional terms, and keep them at ease enough to learn then you are ahead of the game. Many times tutors think that they have to act like stuffy PhDs or drill sergeants, but their students can never get past the feeling of inequality and formality. Be cool – and you will be able to attract and retain a lot more students.